Call of Duty May be Going Back to WWII

(Photo: The Family Video Gamers)

That leaked image right there is making gamers go into a frenzy, speculating the next Call of Duty game could be based around WWII.

It would definitely be a change of pace with the last couple of them being based in the future, but wouldn’t be too surprising after the success Activision had with the WWI based Battlefield game.

Now, that image wasn’t the only one leaked by the The Family Video Gamers YouTube Channel, so take a gander below, and get hyped!

The League Unites in the First Justice League Trailer

After days and days of buildup and teases, the first official trailer for Justice League arrived this morning, and the hype train has not slowed down even a little bit.

Suffice it to say, if it’s Warner Bros. intention to win back an audience after a lackluster-at-best reception of Batman v Superman and Suicide Squad, they are definitely starting off the right way. This trailer is filled with action, amazing character moments, and most importantly FUN. The studio seems like it’s learning, let’s just hope it pays off.

Oh, and btw, guys…we all know Superman isn’t really dead. You can put him in the trailer too. It’s fine.

Justice League will unite us all in theaters on November 17th.

A Prank that Led to Jail Time

(Photo: Facebook)

That’s Nataleigh Schlette and her fiancé Micah Risner, and they thought it would be a funny prank to send this text to Micah’s family.

(Photo: Sandusky Police Department)

What’s even more disturbing is how Micah’s sister responded.

(Photo: Sandusky Police Department)

This led to a series of events which had the cops actually come to the house to investigate.

You have to hear how this whole thing went down, and you could do that by listening to our March 23rd, 2017 episode.

Some Schools are Banning the WEIRDEST THINGS!


I think it’s fairy obvious things have change at schools, especially the rules!

In our March 16th, 2017 episode, we went over this insane list of things schools are banning nowadays. Can you believe one school is actually banning the “I Love Boobies” bracelets give awareness about breast cancer? Ridiculous!

While you listen to the show, make sure to follow along to here to see just how ridiculous these are.