10 Cloverfield Lane Surprises Everyone

Somehow, some way, in today’s day and age when we know every single detail about a movie even before it hits theaters, J.J. Abrams has once again managed to catch us all off guard.

During screenings for Michael Bay’s 13 Hours, rumors began circulating about a sequel (…or prequel…or side-quel) to Abrams’s 2008 found-footage, giant monster extravaganza (which was also made in the utmost secrecy), Cloverfield. I balked at the original news, as there hasn’t been substantial news of a Cloverfield-related anything since at least 2010. But I, along with every other doubter, was put right in my place when Paramount Pictures released the trailer online…

This is legitimately blowing my mind that, not only did this movie get made completely in secret, but it’s slated for release in MARCH. That’s less than two months from now.

You’ve done it again, Mr. Abrams. Bravo! As one of the few who genuinely enjoyed Cloverfield, I can’t wait to see what new mystery will be unraveled by this new movie.

10 Cloverfield Lane hits theaters on March 11th.

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