Music You Can Use

On the new episode of our podcast, we let your ears in on some new bands, and an album you need to pick up.

First up, we had Temple Agents with their song “Divine Lightning” featuring Kevin Martin of Candlebox.

Temple of Agents live CD/DVD, Live Santiago de Chile is available now.

Next on the agenda was the band Unlocking the Truth, showing what they had to offer with the song “Take Control.” And what’s amazing about them is they’re just teenagers. Makes you feel bad about what little you’ve accomplished in life, doesn’t it?

Then, to round things out, we gave our thoughts on the much anticipated 8th studio album, The North Corridor. This is the lead single, “Joyride/Omen”.

Remember to listen to our 7/14/16 Episode to get a more in-depth look at what we think about each of these selections.