9-Year-Old Rugby Player Will Run You Over

There’s always that one kid in your age group that hits their growth spurt early and then dominates your childhood athletics for a season or two. Well, this kid is a growth spurt or or two ahead of the game.

Meet Meaalofa Te’o, the 9-year-old rugby player who is A FREAKIN’ BULLDOZER IN FULL AGGRO MODE. Seriously, this little dude is a beast, almost single-handedly winning his team a trophy in a recent Australian rugby tournament.

I’m 27, and even I would step out the way if this kid was barreling toward me. He’s an unstoppable force. Parents with kids in that league, the value of forfeit is not to be forgotten…for your child’s safety!

Full Story: Every child who crosses this 9-year-old rugby star’s path gets bulldozed

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