The Crew

A Freak Accident isn’t just a random assortment of jerks that get together each week with microphones and record a podcast. No, our hosts are more than that. They’re a team of jerks…a Crew of jerks.

One thing that unites our Crew is their fanatical love of broadcasting. They’ve each had various roles in the world of radio at some point, and they’re all disgruntled as a result, but that hasn’t deterred them from continually striving to achieve their dream: entertaining the huddled masses. Radio may have more or less rejected them, but they refuse to remain silent. They WILL be heard. And so, they’ve gone to the only place that lets morons regularly shoot their mouths off: the internet. Their rabid determination and their wish to give the world something worthwhile to listen to is responsible for the existence of this podcast.


CriscoThat One Guy…CRISCO

Although technically the “brains” of the operation, he’s kind of an idiot. But whatever. Crisco is an on-again, off-again radio personality and the current host of A Freak Accident. He is youthful, odd, and slightly off-color. He is mostly goofy and lighthearted, but also randomly dark and angry. One thing that’s for sure about Crisco is that he is not one to pass up an opportunity to make a fool of himself.

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Lazy EThe Wildcard…LAZY E

If there’s anything Lazy E brings to the Show, it’s randomness. His jokes are often stupid and terrible, not to mention they come out of nowhere, and he’s brought more than a few conversations to a screeching halt, but you’ll be damned if you don’t crack up every single time. He’s lived out just about every broadcasting experience one can imagine, and he brings all of his radio talent to bear on the podcast.

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MikkiThe Girl…MIKKI

Mikki is just about as out of touch and useless as they come, but somehow that uselessness becomes useful in its own way, as she is an endless source of amusement. Her mind is consistently nether-bound, she’s always got a sarcastic quip, and even though she is clueless when it comes to sports, pop culture, and literally everything else, she’s also never wrong. Argue that fact at your own peril.

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