Crisco“That One Guy”
Host/Showrunner/Executive Producer/Webmaster

HOMETOWN: Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania

BIO: Crisco began his broadcasting career as a normal, everyday nuclear engineering student. Then, for some reason, he decided to enter a contest in which the prize was a part-time airshift on his local Active Rock radio station, WBSX; a contest in which he somehow won. And so began Crisco’s love affair with radio. No, really…that’s how it happened.

Crisco worked at WBSX for about four and a half years, and it was there that he met Lazy E (and eventually Mikki as well), and the seeds of what would eventually become A Freak Accident were planted. Eventually, his desire to live above the poverty line combined with the fact that the radio industry was in collapse and his career in the company he worked for was going nowhere led him to leave terrestrial radio behind and turn his attention toward the future in podcasting. In time, though, his first love would come calling, and so he has more recently found himself back once again in the world of FM radio.

One could define Crisco as a “high-functioning sociopath”, but he hides it well(-ish). He is a passionate and intense individual, while at the same time can be very “zen”. On the surface he is lighthearted and whimsical, but beneath his exterior lies a deep, dark sense of humor and enough white-hot rage to power a steam engine. He is scientific and discerning, but also odd, off-color, and at times completely random. He is a lifelong athlete, a massive geek, a political blowhard, and a studious nerd. He loves a good laugh, and loves cheeseburgers even more. Fair warning: he does bite, but thankfully has all his shots.


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