Lazy E

Lazy E“The Wildcard”
Co-Host/Assistant Showrunner/Producer/Publicist

HOMETOWN: Mountaintop, Pennsylvania

BIO: Born and raised in Northeast PA, Lazy E has been chasing the radio dream up and down the United States, working on local and nationally syndicated shows. Although he helped found and launch AFA, his friendship with Crisco dates much farther back, as they all worked together for a time at WBSX. During that time, E was actually involved in the very early development of the idea that would one day become A Freak Accident. His input has had a heavy influence on the Show, which explains a lot.

He’s known as the “Wildcard” simply because you never know what’s going to come out of his brain. Sometimes it leads to a really funny bit, but most of the time it turns into a random joke that’s so cheesy, it’s been mistaken as a yeast infection. Lazy E’s nine brain surgeries and counting have led to the ongoing in-Show joke of excusing his often erratic behavior by saying, “He just had brain surgery!”

The way to E’s heart is through his love for pro wrestling, Star Wars, and DVR’d shows from the Discover and History channels.


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