Mikki“The Girl”
Co-Host/Assistant Publicist

HOMETOWN: Peabody, Massachusetts

BIO: Mikki is a transplant to Pennsylvania from Massachusetts and has spent the last few years working odds-and-ends jobs while trying to be a musician and artist. Her early attempts at professional broadcasting were short lived after submitting herself to the “Wannabe a DJ” contest with local Active Rock radio station WBSX, where she first met Crisco in passing. She never did officially get to work at the radio station, even though to this day she still has a keycard to get into the place. She simply added the failed radio opportunity to her long list of “Things That Shouldn’t Happen, But Do” and went on to pursue being a musician instead. In the end, however, she would finally get her opportunity in quasi-broadcasting in the form of joining forces with A Freak Accident’s podcast.

She laughs at the offensive, satirical, and totally absurd. Her own humor is dry and vehemently filled with sarcasm, but her greatest amusement comes from her own lack of social understanding. It’s not often you meet someone who is more out of touch than this chick.

She doesn’t follow sports, doesn’t understand feminists, doesn’t read comics or watch much television, she doesn’t read fiction, doesn’t watch chick flicks, and could care less about politics. Why is she on this Show, again?


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