Along Came a Spider…Man

Marvel Entertainment was nice enough to drop a new trailer for Captain America: Civil War on us today like a freakishly large spider falling on your face from the ceiling!

Finally, we get our first look at the new, in-MCU version of Spider-Man, played by actor Tom Holland.

There’s a lot packed into this trailer, including a ton of new footage and a plethora of additional plot details which expand upon what leads into the MCU’s version of Civil War (which, as we know, will be substantially different from what happened in the comics), but let’s face it: The real news here is Spider-Man, and it’s also no doubt what everyone is going to be talking about.

Allow me to be the first to say that I LOVE the new costume, especially the way they made the eyes (which, in the comics, have historically been “animated” to either squint or widen in order to relay expressions) work. It makes perfect sense, and I love that they figured out a way to make it make sense. You might feel differently about the costume’s look, but keep in mind this is still footage from early cuts and there’s going to be a lot of airbrushing and texturing added to these shots before the film hits theaters on May 6th, 2016. It’s only going to look better when the finished product graces the big screen.

It’s a good day, and I’m thrilled that our “Friendly Neighborhood Spider-Man” is back in his own neighborhood.

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