It Looks Fake, But this Picture is a 100% REAL!

Everybody and their mothers have seen this picture by now, and before someone tells you otherwise, IT’S COMPLETELY REAL!

Theunis Wessels from Three Hills, Alberta, Canada was actually mowing his lawn as this tornado passed through the area, and instead of urging him to come in, his wife just took the pic, and posted it to her Facebook.

The greatest part of this is when asked about it, Theunis said it was fine…because he was keeping an eye on it.

Full Story: Alta. man mowing lawn during tornado was ‘keeping an eye on it’

This is the Best Choice for Our Next President

(Photo: Saturday Night Live)

The Rock and Tom Hanks 2020? Might not be a bad plan.

In the season finale of SNL, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson took the hosting reigns, announcing in the opening monologue that he’ll indeed be running for president in 2020 with running mate, Tom Hanks.

Now, it’s obvious this is a joke, but lets think about it. The Rock is one of the most popular actors today, and Tom Hanks is, well, Tom Freakin’ Hanks (Yes, that’s his actual middle name). Plus if Trump could do it, why can’t they? One thing is for certain, they have the full support from us here at A Freak Accident.

Chris Cornell Has Died

(Photo: CBS News)

When you think of the best vocalists in rock music, Chris Cornell has to be up in the top 5.

Unfortunately he decided to take his own life after a show in Detroit, which seems a little foretelling now, with his last song being a cover of Led Zeppelin’s “In My Time of Dying”.

Needless to say this is a huge loss to the rock and music world, and we hope Chris Cornell will forever Rock in Peace.

(Videos from his final performance)


Music You Can Use (New Foo Fighters’ Song!)

We know you love music, so that’s why we want to educate you whenever something new comes out.

In our May 18th, 2017 episode  we took you through a journey of new album.

First up was the latest from All That Remains called Madness.

Then we moved into the brand new one from Seether named Poison the Parish, which garnered quite the response from our crew. Here’s the single “Let You Down”.

And if you thought our musical knowledge ended at rock, we threw you a curve ball and checked out the new album from The Zac Brown Band,  Welcome Home. Here’s the latest single, “Roots”.

Finally, if you listened to the episode, we promised you a new tune from the Foo Fighters. They debuted this at Sammy Hagar’s benefit show, Acoustic 4 A Cure IV, this is “The Sky Is A Neighborhood”

So, what are you waiting for? Go get to your local record store now!

The Daily Show Had a Hilarious Reunion

(Photo: Comedy Central)

I think a lot of us yearn for the days of the old Daily Show. Just think of the cast they had. Jon Stewart, Ed Helms, Steve Carell, the list goes on, and on.

Well another former alum, Stephen Colbert, used  his Late Show platform to give us the reunion we’ve all been waiting for.

One More Sneak Peak at Wonder Woman

Young girls in 2017 look up to leaders like Michelle Obama, and actresses such as Jennifer Lawrence, but if you ask us, none of them embody Women Empowerment like Wonder Woman.

Sure she’s fictional, but if it inspires someone, who’s to judge. Go check out this final trailer for Wonder Woman and try and tell us we’re wrong.