The Carolina Panthers Really Love the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air

(Photo: Getty Image)

You may love the Carolina Panthers, or you may loath them, but one thing cannot be questioned, and that’s their love for the Fresh Prince Of Bel Air.

Starting on July 7th, and through 3 days, the team sent out a bunch of tweets, which seemed like nothing at first glance, but take a moment and connect the first word in each one.






















Yes, the first word of every tweet was every lyric to the Fresh Prince of Bel Air song.

Check out all the tweets here: The Carolina Panthers Spent The Last Three Days Hiding The ‘Fresh Prince Of Bel Air’ Theme Song In Their Tweets

The Sheriff Has Retired

It’s hard to imagine an NFL without Peyton Manning, but unfortunately it’s a reality we’ll have to get used to.

After 18 seasons, the most famous number 18 announced his retirement with a very emotional goodbye.

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