A Little Girl’s Brutally Honest Review of Girl Scout Cookies

(Photo: abcsmartcookies.com)

Well, if you haven’t been hit up yet, you know someone in your office is going to try and get you to buy some Girl Scout cookies. And it used to be easy, with very little variety, but now there seems to be too many choices to make a quick decision.

Thankfully, Mike Rowe shared this letter a little girl wrote, describing a variety of favorites, to help you make that choice.

This Guy Has a World of Problems You Won’t Believe!

In case you couldn’t figure it out, the guy in question is the one in the middle.

In a Daily Xtra video, they meet Stefonkee (formerly Paul) Wolscht), a married 52 year-old father of seven, who decided to go transgender at the age of 46. Now, this isn’t the issue, because that’s kind of a norm anymore. The weird comes in when you find out he now identifies at a 6 year old.

Give the video below a watch, and then make sure to listen to our January 26th, 2017 episode to hear stuff that’s not on the video, that will make your head EXPLODE!

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The Seinfeld Theme Song Was Different Every Show

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TV Theme songs are something that stick with us forever, and who doesn’t remember the one for Seinfeld. But what you may not know is, the song was different every single episode.

Composer Jonathan Wolff told Great Big Story that it had to change, pending on how long Jerry Seinfeld’s opening monologue was.

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