Dad of the Year Builds American Ninja Warrior Course for Daughter, Who Happens to be Athlete of the Year

I’m beginning to reconsider my overall physical ableness and athleticism, and it’s all thanks to watching this 5-year-old from Colorado completely dominate an American Ninja Warrior-style obstacle course built by her dad in their backyard.

First, kudos to that father, who went above and beyond for his obnoxiously athletic spawn. Secondly, seriously…that girl is a living, breathing phenom. Jessie Graff better watch her back, because Lylah MacCall is going to be making fools of everyone in a few years.

Now, please excuse me while I struggle to complete the obstacle course to the bathroom.

Full Story: Dad goes above and beyond to put 5-year-old daughter on course to be the next Jessie Graff

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