Do You Still Doubt Batman v Superman?

A lot of people continue to give Warner Bros. and DC Comics a hard time as they attempt to rocket into their new “connected universe” with Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, which hits theaters in just over a month on march 25th, 2016.

Well, just this morning, the final trailer for the film was released, and the results is…well, just watch…

This is easily the best trailer yet, and it immediately raises expectations for this movie. However, some might argue that the last few trailers for Man of Steel were also excellent, and that movie didn’t meet the expectations of some folks. Well, as someone who legitimately enjoyed MoS and will defend it with my dying breath, I’d argue that you’re a fool to not be excited for this film. Also, maybe you should lighten up a little.

The big thing I’m taking away from this trailer, though, is how faithful Ben Affleck’s Batman is to his comic book counterpart, at least in terms of fighting style. You have to remember, Batman is as strong and fast as Marvel’s Captain America (described as “peak human condition”), and is also the world’s premier martial arts expert, along with being an acrobat on par with Olympic gymnasts. The first 20 seconds of the trailer seem to indicate that they’ve captured that perfectly. Here’s to hoping the rest of the movie does equal justice to these characters.

Also, Wonder Woman continues to look amazing.

In any case, whatever your predisposition, you have to agree that this movie is really looking like it could be something special.

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