Ex-Playboy Model Plans Massive Prison Break for Her Boyfriend

Photo: Facebook / Marissa Christopher

A lot of people talk about wanting a relationship that is based on the philosophy of “Ride or Die.” In other words, that you stick by each other no matter what, that you fight for each other, or else you’ll go down swinging together.

Well, if that’s the kind of relationship you’re looking for, you need to find yourself a woman like Marissa Christopher, a former Playboy model who planned a massive, $13 million prison break to spring her Czech crime lord boyfriend from the clink.

The best part? The plan involved an armed gang, a helicopter, and a weaponized treadmill. What a woman!

Full Story: Playboy Model Planned $13 Million Prison Break For Jailmate Of Oscar Pistorius With Armed Gang, Helicopter And Weaponized Treadmill

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