Fuller House is a Netflix Smash!

Everywhere you look! 

Everybody was singing that Friday when Fuller House debuted on Netflix this past Friday, and I’m man enough to admit, I was one of them.

Although I was excited to fire up my PS4 to start watching, I would be lying if I said I wasn’t worried. A show coming back after all those years had the potential to try and live off of nostalgia alone, and while it did have those moments in almost every episode, it was refreshing to see the show found its own stride.

Photo: EW.com

Between DJ trying to get back into the dating scene after her husband’s death, to the younger kids crazy antics, I caught myself wanting more, and continuing until I completely binged watched the whole season.

I think you’ll also love the way Fuller House breaks down the fourth wall with mentions of the Olsen Twins not being on the show, and poking fun at the original runs corny use of violin music, and hugs in every episode.

If you were a child of the 90’s, and loved the TGIF lineup, Fuller House is reason alone to shell out the 7 plus dollars for a Netflix subscription, and spend a weekend enjoying the San Francisco family you grown to love.

And, if you don’t love it, well I’ve got two words for you…”How Rude!”

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