Music You Can Use (New Foo Fighters’ Song!)

We know you love music, so that’s why we want to educate you whenever something new comes out.

In our May 18th, 2017 episode  we took you through a journey of new album.

First up was the latest from All That Remains called Madness.

Then we moved into the brand new one from Seether named Poison the Parish, which garnered quite the response from our crew. Here’s the single “Let You Down”.

And if you thought our musical knowledge ended at rock, we threw you a curve ball and checked out the new album from The Zac Brown Band,  Welcome Home. Here’s the latest single, “Roots”.

Finally, if you listened to the episode, we promised you a new tune from the Foo Fighters. They debuted this at Sammy Hagar’s benefit show, Acoustic 4 A Cure IV, this is “The Sky Is A Neighborhood”

So, what are you waiting for? Go get to your local record store now!

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