The New Thing is the “Duct Tape Challenge,” and People Are Getting Hurt

Idiot kids are always coming up with some new, stupid thing to do to be trendy. I guess going outside or even playing video games is too boring anymore, so they need to come up with “challenging” ways to harm themselves. Enter the new trend, the “Duct Tape Challenge.”

The goal of the “challenge” is to tie someone up with duct tape, and then record their efforts to free themselves on video.

Well, this is the latest result…

Photo: Siemny Kim / Facebook

That’s 14-year-old Skylar Fish, who is recovering in the hospital after suffering  severe head injuries, a brain aneurysm and damage to his eye socket after his attempt at the challenge went not-as-planned. It’s now unlikely he’ll ever see out of his eye again either.

I sincerely hope the kid gets better, but at this point, idiot children doing idiot things is becoming a regular occurrence. That said, if someone can come up with a “challenge” that will cull the herd a bit, I’m all for it.


Full Story: Failed ‘Duct tape challenge’ leaves 14-year-old in hospital with serious head injuries

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