Does Trump’s Presidency Make SNL Funny?


Ever since the presidential race started people are raving that SNL got sooo much better. But have they really?

First you have Donald Trump being portrayed by Alec Baldwin. Great impression, but he’s not a part of the cast.

And Rosie O’Donnell coming on board as White House strategist, Steve Bannon, and Melissa McCarthy coming back to play Press Secretary, Sean Spicer.


If you noticed, there’s a common theme here. All of the elements giving SNL that extra funny boost are people that aren’t part of the current cast.

So, can you really say SNL is great again if none of the cast is a part of the memorable moments? It really just seems like the show is stacking the deck, and will probably fall back down to earth once this current skit becomes stale.

One Comment:

  1. Prior to the presidential election, SNL did not have the audience it had in previous years. Many of the skits were ho-hum. You’re right that SNL is relying on outside actors to portray the foolishness of the current administration. In time, people will get tired/bored with the skits. However, SNL must maintain high quality writing standards or else even these outside actors will not be able to prevent SNL ratings from slipping. That was the problem before….the skits were simply not that funny.

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