Here Comes the Money!

Just when you think the WWE screws things up, they pull us right back in.

That’s exactly what happened on Monday Night Raw. We, as fans, came limping out of a less than stellar outcome from Fastlane, wondering “How can they get me excited for Wrestlemania 32?”

Now, before you marks get on my back about just following the “I hate Roman Reigns bandwagon”, let me explain. It’s not completely because I don’t think Reigns is ready (although, I do think that). I just hate the fact that Wrestlemania became predictable. How are we supposed to get excited about a main event, when we already know what’s going to happen?

But, like clockwork, WWE got a heart pumping again, when last night saw the return of the one and only Shane O’ Mac. How did they keep that from a an IWC that seems to sniff out even the simplest of story lines?!?

As eldest child of McMahon walked down the ramp, thoughts ran through my head “What can this be?” “How will it affect Wrestlemania?” and “How can the Social Outcasts be a part of this?”…Ok maybe that last thought didn’t happen, but the rest did.

Well, after a modern day “pipe bomb”, we find out Shane will get control of Raw, if he can win a match at Wrestlemania 32…against the Undertaker!


We all saw the dirt sheet report that said the person to face the Deadman at ‘Mania is currently not on the roster, but to even fathom this would be impossible. But, the WWE did it. They got us playing the guessing game.

Can Shane O’ Mac really beat the Undertaker in a Hell in a Cell match? Can they let the Undertaker win after we’ve been teased with such a huge story line? Will someone help Shane win the

This, ladies and gentlemen, is the feeling we should have leading towards the Superbowl of wrestling, and  I’m so glad the WWE made it happen.

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