Literally Anyone Could Have Made the Kick Blair Walsh Missed

Photo: Brace Hemmelgarn

Ever since Minnesota Vikings’ kicker, Blair Walsh, missed a 27-yard, game-winning kick in the final moments of the Vikings’ loss to Seattle at home in the 2016 Wild Card round of the playoffs, thereby embarrassing himself, the team, the organization, and the entire bleeding fanbase, I’ve been making the argument that even I, with zero experience playing football, could have made that kick.

Apparently, I’m not the only one who feels that way, since many videos have popped up online with Average Joes attempting (and in many cases, making) the kick. But this one, of a mechanic in jeans and work boots, has to be my favorite (and most likely to cause me to self-harm):

(Watch for some NSFW language at the very end)

He’s in JEANS and WORK BOOTS, Blair! You should QUIT THE GAME, Blair! And don’t give me any garbage excuses about lace position. It was 27 YARDS! You should have been able to hit that with your eyes closed.

Man, do I hate my team…

Full Story: Mechanic kicks 27-yard FG laces in to show Blair Walsh how it’s done

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