The Maid of Dishonor

(Photo: Charlotte County Jail)

(Hear the story, and our thoughts in our January 26th, 2017 episode)

When a girl is getting married, finding a maid of honor should be the easiest part of the whole shindig. I mean, it’s either your sister, or your best friend. Well, maybe Jennifer Butler should’ve thought a little bit harder before picking Amanda Willis.

Everything was fine and dandy during the wedding itself, but things took a terrible turn once it was time for the reception.

During the cake ceremony and first dance, Amanda decided to take advantage of the open bar by downing an ENTIRE BOTTLE OF FIREBALL, which lead to these events.

First, Willis allegedly took the groom’s car keys from his pocket and attempted to drive away. This caused to groom to try and stop her, and Willis nearly ran him over! So eventually, with the help of other guests, they got Amanda out of the car and back into the venue. But, that’s when Amanda thought she wasn’t drunk enough, and guzzled a big ol’ bottle of Captain Morgan.

And there’s a litany of other things she did after, which lead to her still being behind bars, which you could read here.

As for you brides to be, a lesson should be learned here. Don’t pick a maid of honor who has alcohol dependency.

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